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Penang Teams is a professional website developer in Malaysia. We are totally different ideas compared to other competitors. We work with customer ideas and do lots of consultation to suite their needs and requirements. Also we will ensure that the best competitive rates and adaptive technology that matches customers ideas is selected. We also adopt great pro ethics during all phases of website development and application development. We are SSM registered company in Malaysia . Clients and customers are requested to provide practical timelines that is possible to complete the website development.

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Customer ideas

We value customer/client ideas & give pro suggestions.

SEO & Marketing

Based on needs we will advise about SEO.

Web Logic and design

Best coding practices and clean codes. Refer our GitHub.

Which technology?

We can advise the best technology stacks.

Grow your website with our SEO service & Project Ideas

Great websites are developed by passionate web developers. We provide website design and development services, server support and configuration, all over Malaysia and we are based in Penang. We do E-commerce, corporate sites, small business sites, SME sites, applications. Look at our Google award winning video in the link. We are awarded by Google to top ranks in organic growth.

SEO and optimization


Frontend design


Backend design


Fullstack design


See What Our Agency Offers & What We Provide

SEO for website

Professional briefing, competitor study etc to do SEO

SEO analysis

Server Management

VPS hosting, Docker, Ubuntu, Debian, Linux, Centos servers

Fullstack design

We provide you with Ecommerce, small websites, corporate sites fullstack.

Responsive mobile friendly

Our design and development will be mobile friendly responsive websites.

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Using Svelte & Django as backend

You can see our web developer YouTube channel discussing about Svelte as front end and Django as a backend.

Feel Free To Consult us About Your Website Needs

We are an experienced developer in Malaysia (KL, Johor, Penang, Butterworth, George Town, Sabah and Sarawak).

For any enquiry, WhatsApp Us: +6 019-3766779